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Backstory Of the Clans

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Backstory Of the Clans

Post by Swiftstar on Mon Jun 27, 2016 6:20 pm

One day in Mistclan an Omen was intrepreted. "The 4 will fall, yet 6 will ascend.". This caused great panic, and hystericall cats through-out the clan spread the rumors to other clans and then committed suicide. There was panic in the other clans, Treeclan Hillclan and Nightclan. The queens left to the twolegnests, where it was safer. But most of the hystericall cats  killed them off. A majority of the kits were killed as well but some survived. Meanwhile in the clans blood was everywhere, dead bodies lay like hollow shells trapping the spirits inside of them. The kits grew up, and they didn't know about clan life. They were twolegs. But the 6 destined ones in the omens were tossed out of their houses or ran away. Somehow fate led them to eachother, and they started the clans. Moons later, a She-kit was blessed by the stars. She was told their story, and she was the destined one. Her name was Swiftkit.

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