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The First Medicine Cat Meeting

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The First Medicine Cat Meeting

Post by Acrylic on Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:09 pm

(OOC: Because Swifty gave me permission Very Happy)

Echodrop had left the camp that evening so that she wouldn't be late for the medicine cat meeting at the Misty Pool. She would hate to be late. She had asked Junipercloud to make sure that the kits didn't get to her herb supply. The foliage decorating the forest and surrounding Echodrop was drenched in the moonlight from the moon lifting up in the sky. She didn't stop to admire anything, though. There was no time for that. She neared the Misty Pool, smiling as she realized she was the first one there. She waited right outside of the gorgeous pool, waiting for the other medicine cats.


Aspenpaw padded dejectedly beside her mentor, Emberecho. Now that she had a living cat for a mentor, the starry cat who had came to her to give her an official name of a medicine cat's apprentice had left her. Had the starry cat who had mentored Aspenpaw in her dreams really abandon her? StarClan never abandoned anyone, right? Sure, Emberecho had been a fine mentor so far, but Aspenpaw felt like she had a special bond with Snowlight, a bond that she felt she could never share with Emberecho. Ever since she had gotten him for a mentor, she was a bit stand-offish and way more quiet, pretending to not pay attention. She would always go to sleep, waiting for Snowlight to greet her in a dream-version of the medicine day for a training session, but her heart would sink when she wasn't greeted in the way she hoped. She lifted her head, only to see another cat sitting outside of the Misty Pool. Who was she?

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Re: The First Medicine Cat Meeting

Post by Dewberries on Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:21 pm

Emberecho felt uneasy because his apprentice was drifting away from him like he was just a harmless loner wandering her camp. He felt like he was a bad mentor and hoped Starclan would tell him if he was bad


Rippleleaf was  hurrying to the the Misty Pool with Lightningclan's Medicine cat apprentice, Deerpaw "Sorry we're late!"


Cedarheart was the last one to arrive because she couldn't run, when she arrived Deerpaw looked at her chest and let her sit down

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